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What’s Under Those Headscarves?

I’m an American female living in Indonesia, which has a majority Muslim population. You may already know that the government of Indonesia is not religious. It’s secular and recognizes many different religions. In fact, we get holidays for many different religious – Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and probably more that are just slipping my mind […]

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Vietnamese Salt – the Best?

When one of your traveling friends talks about Vietnam, do you expect him or her to talk about salt? Probably not.Instead, your friend will most likely tell you about the gorgeous rice fields. Vietnam’s rice fields are a huge attraction for tourists, especially tourists who think of themselves as budding photographers.You might be surprised to […]

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Are You a Tourist or Traveler

Tourists and travelers both like to see the world. And both types of people have a place in the world of travel. Nearly everyone has a bucket list of places that they want to visit before the final journey takes them to their eternal resting place.Tourists are happy to take one or two trips a […]

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