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International Places to Help You Relax

With the lifestyles getting more and more hectic, relaxation is often something gets ignored – even though we know how important it is. Vacations often turn out as hectic as daily life. However, like this article points out, we need to relax and get away from the busy lights and noisy traffic – we need to take a break!

This article will take us to the 10 of the most relaxing spots in the universe! Let’s read on…

Top 10 Relaxing Spots In The World

Relaxation is not something everyone can afford these days. Just as food and nourishment are necessary for personal growth, so are rest and leisure. You want to go on holiday and you want to relax, you don’t want the hustle of the tourist destinations but you don’t want to be so secluded that you feel like you’re on a real life ‘Lost’ island. Peace and … Continue reading ...

Travel Is a Great Teacher

I highly recommend this article to everyone since I love to travel. Traveling teaches you and gives you the experience of so many things in the world out there, and there are still many things we don’t know about yet. You will learn more about yourself during your travel, as well as the chance to get a better understanding about the world and all the different cultures.

The Most Important Thing Travel Will Teach You


Almost a month had passed in my Southeastern Asian sojourn before I finally reached the sun-glinted waters of the South China Sea. A month of rain, of loneliness, and of uncomfortable happenings with strange men. But when I finally saw those electric, unapologetic blues, everything else diminished to dust.  I had no plans but to relax and write on the beach for a few days before heading north towards Thailand.

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What kind of freedom do you want?

Do you really know the answer to that question? Many people say they don’t like being a slave to their job. They say that they want to be free. They say that they wish they could live on the beach drinking margaritas. Have they really thought about it?

Dancer jumping with freedom

Dancer jumping with freedom

I used to say that I would do any kind of job for 6 months every year if it gave me enough money and freedom to not work the other 6 months. That might mean that I would have to clean toilets – or clean up dog poo – I didn’t care.  Anything that would give me enough money during 6 months of work to have 6 months free – I would do it. You may be wondering what I wanted to do during my 6 months of freedom. I wanted to travel, paint, learn another language, … Continue reading ...