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Full-time travel

Full-Time Travel – Is It for You?

Full-time travel

Full-time travel is probably very different from anything you've ever done. Is it a dream of yours?

Not everyone is suited to it. Are you?

Those who did the Grand Tour in Victorian times, Traveling Forever - Then vs Now, didn't have all the electronic help that we have today. They didn't know what they were missing. You, on the other hand, are lucky to have electronic gadgets to make traveling easier.

In order to decide whether full-time travel is right for you, take some time to think about all of the planning and costs that will go into making your trip. Don't rush into this on the spur of the moment. Here are some things to keep in mind as you ponder this decision.

Are You Sure Full-Time Travel Is Important to You?

Young couple on full-time travel

Have you ever stopped to figure out why you are drawn to the idea of full-time travel?

Some people are not interested in travel of any sort for any length of time. Other people love to take short vacations, but would never consider traveling for six months or more. And then there are those of us who yearn to spend months or maybe even years on

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Woman Going on the Grand Tour

Traveling Forever – Then vs Now

Then vs Now

Woman Going on the Grand Tour

Woman Going on the Grand Tour

Traveling forever, or at least extended travel, is easier today than ever before in history. In the past, the only people who could afford to travel for extended periods of time were wealthy people. They’d pick up and take off for a year or even longer to see the world. Life for them did not mean going to a job every day, so they were able to embark on the Grand Tour.

From Wikipedia: “The Grand Tour was the traditional trip of Europe undertaken by mainly upper class European young men of sufficient means and rank (or those of more humble origin who could find a sponsor), as well as young women if they were also of sufficient means, and accompanied by a chaperon, such as other family members, when they had come of age (about the age of 21 years old).”

Train traveling forever

Young woman gazing out the train window on her Grand Tour

“According to the law of custom, and perhaps of reason, foreign travel completes the education of an English gentleman.” – Edward Gibbon

Yes, in Victorian England, wealthy young men traveled to Paris, Switzerland, Italy, or wherever their … Continue reading ...

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Woman traveling forever

Want to Spend Your Time Traveling Forever?

Young woman traveling forever

Do you dream about traveling forever – quitting your job and setting off to visit exotic parts of the world? To wake up every morning with no rigid itinerary or schedule to follow? 

Where Do You Want to Travel Forever?

Maybe hanging out at the beach is your idea of having a traveling lifestyle.

Perhaps you want to experience the Himalayan Mountains up close and personal.

Getting a massage two or three times a week might be your idea of paradise.

Maybe you’d like to scuba dive to see the wonders under the surface of the sea for more than one or two weeks a year.Scuba diver traveling forever

The architecture of temples and buildings at exotic destinations could be what lures you to get up off your couch to go traveling forever.

The Traveling Forever Lifestyle Is More Than Just Escaping Normal Irritations

I am not referring to those moments when you feel the need to get away because you’re aggravated with your boss or spouse. Or when you’re temporarily frustrated about something with your life and its daily routine.

Many of us experience those passing irritations from time to time – no matter where we are. Those feelings are unpleasant enough, Continue reading ...

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