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Evacuated: Living on Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano

Evacuated: Living on Indonesia's Most Active VolcanoMt. Merapi – the most active volcano in Indonesia – killer or giver of life?

Kate and Rudy woke up in the middle of the night with a killer volcano beginning the performance of a lifetime less than 9 miles from the house/office that they shared. They lived in a safe zone, but this time even the safe zone was at risk.

In November 2010, Mt. Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano, had the largest eruption since 1872, killing over 300 people. Kate and Rudy tell you the true story of their experience during this dramatic time. They left their house in the middle of the night feeling certain that they would be back the next morning. That, however, was not how it played out.

Evacuated: Living on Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano is currently available as an ebook. Click on the book cover to the left and you will be taken to Amazon.

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Transformative Travel in Nepal: Fulfilling a Dream in the Himalayas

Transformative Travel in Nepal: Fulfilling a Dream in the Himalayas

Kate’s adventure in the Himalayas takes you on a journey of personal growth, uncertainty, courage, and victory – and fun!

The Himalayas are a part of the world that holds great fascination for many people. But unfortunately, most people who dream of going there do not fulfill that dream.

It was actually just a casual comment by Kate’s traveling buddy Kay that ended up with Kate and Kay getting on a plane just a couple of weeks later for the adventure of their lives.

What Kate learned about herself during the challenging and sometimes excruciating, but always stimulating, adventure of trekking at high altitude over rough terrain truly transformed her in ways that often did not become apparent until many years later.

Follow along with Kate as she learns more about how to expand her limits so that she can truly fulfill her dream. And maybe you will find yourself motivated to fulfill your dream as well.

Transformative Travel in Nepal is available as both an ebook and a paperback. Just click on the book cover to the left and you will be taken to Amazon.

How To Find The Heart Of Bali

 How To Find The Heart Of BaliBali has become a top vacation spot for travelers from all over the world who often become enchanted with the island and return over and over.

Mick Jagger brought Bali to the world’s attention when he got married there to Jerry Hall. The marriage did not last, but Bali is still considered by many to be the Home of the Gods. Later, everyone could see the beauty of Bali in Julia Roberts’ movie Eat Pray Love.

In How To Find The Heart Of Bali, you will discover for yourself the passion that Bali has inspired in Western visitors for more than a hundred years. Kate Benzin is a highly experienced tour director who has lived in Indonesia on the next island over for more than 30 years and knows Bali as few other outsiders do.

As Kate makes clear in her Introduction, this is not a typical guidebook and does not recommend specific hotels or restaurants. Rather, it is an introduction to social and cultural Bali so that the first time traveler to Bali can experience a dream holiday in this iconic ‘tropical island paradise’ destination full of culture and wonder.

How To Find The Heart Of Bali is available as an ebook or paperback. Just click on the book cover to the left and you will be taken to Amazon.

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Books Kate Wrote Under Pen Name Dixie Hart

Commitment Blues

Commitment Blues

Will the worst day of Sarah’s life turn out to be her luckiest?

By all outward appearances, Sarah Marshall is successful and happy. Only her therapist knows the inner turmoil that resulted from being abandoned by her father. She thought she had overcome her fear of abandonment until her fiancé Jamie doesn’t show up for their wedding.

What was so wrong with Sarah that her father left and never wanted to meet her? Only her father could give her answers to those questions. When she searches for him and confronts him, she uncovers lies that shock her.

Will Sarah’s discoveries help her feel secure enough to recover her sense of self to move on with a new relationship?


Separation Blues

Separation Blues

Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s impossible, right?

Peter was definitely not the type to believe in love at first sight. He was too logical for that.

But when a mysterious woman named Rina mesmerized him from across the restaurant on his last night in Indonesia, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. And Rina didn’t even realize that she’d had such an effect on someone.

Peter left Indonesia the next morning without ever having talked to his mystery woman. Could he find a way to meet her? And would she be willing to get to know him?

Have you ever dreamed of falling in love with a stranger while you were traveling in an exotic destination? Or maybe you’ve simply dreamed of finding your true love wherever he or she might be.

Separation Blues is a sweet, clean cross-cultural romance that’s based on a true story. It will help you understand that true life can definitely be stranger than fiction.

Lottery BluesLottery Blues

Is winning the lottery the greatest thing that can happen to you?

Tori thinks that her multi-million dollar win is the end to all her problems, but she finds out that her new wealth brought new complications for her – ones that she had no idea how to handle.

How could she trust anyone to be her friend just because they liked her – not because they were interested in her money?

Will Tori learn how to judge people’s motives so that she can enjoy friendship and love once again?