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Would You Quit Your Job To Travel?

A very inspiring article that just might motivate you to change your lifestyle. You might realize that traveling isn’t just for those with lots of free time – it can be for those who take the risk to kick the job habit and hit the open road.

What kind of freedom do you want?

Do you really know the answer to that question? Many people say they don’t like being a slave to their job. They say that they want to be free. They say that they wish they could live on the beach drinking margaritas. Have they really thought about it?

Dancer jumping with freedom

Dancer jumping with freedom

I used to say that I would do any kind of job for 6 months every year if it gave me enough money and freedom to not work the other 6 months. That might mean that I would have to clean toilets – or clean up dog poo – I didn’t care.  Anything that would give me enough money during 6 months of work to have 6 months free – I would do it. You may be wondering what I wanted to do during my 6 months of freedom. I wanted to travel, paint, learn another language, … Continue reading ...