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Would You Quit Your Job To Travel?

A very inspiring article that just might motivate you to change your lifestyle. You might realize that traveling isn’t just for those with lots of free time – it can be for those who take the risk to kick the job habit and hit the open road.

Photos That Will Entice You To Pick Up And Go

Before I read the article, I looked at the photos first. Yes, they are really enticing. How I wish I could visit even just one of the amazing places in the list and take one amazing photo!

10 Stunning Travel Photos From a Former Bond Trader


Whenever we encounter an incredible place, who isn’t compelled to take a photo beside it, if only to prove to everyone (and occasionally ourselves) that we were actually there? I asked uber-traveler Rus Margolin of Travel2Unlimited, a former bond trader turned world traveler, to send me his most epic photo ops and be our stand-in at extraordinary places we might not ordinarily go.


Near the Arizona-Utah border is a remarkable sandstone formation known as the Wave. Located in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, access is extremely limited: you can win one of only

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