Want to Spend Your Time Traveling Forever?

Young woman traveling forever

Do you dream about traveling forever – quitting your job and setting off to visit exotic parts of the world? To wake up every morning with no rigid itinerary or schedule to follow? 

Where Do You Want to Travel Forever?

Maybe hanging out at the beach is your idea of having a traveling lifestyle.

Perhaps you want to experience the Himalayan Mountains up close and personal.

Getting a massage two or three times a week might be your idea of paradise.

Maybe you’d like to scuba dive to see the wonders under the surface of the sea for more than one or two weeks a year.Scuba diver traveling forever

The architecture of temples and buildings at exotic destinations could be what lures you to get up off your couch to go traveling forever.

The Traveling Forever Lifestyle Is More Than Just Escaping Normal Irritations

I am not referring to those moments when you feel the need to get away because you’re aggravated with your boss or spouse. Or when you’re temporarily frustrated about something with your life and its daily routine.

Many of us experience those passing irritations from time to time – no matter where we are. Those feelings are unpleasant enough, but eventually they get resolved, and we get back on an even keel. We don’t end up leaving home to spend the rest of our lives traveling forever.

I’m not talking about those frustrations. Instead, I am referring to a more deep-seated longing to have the freedom to take off and meet the world head on – not on your own terms, but as a traveler who’s willing to experience everything the world has to offer. Experiences that will broaden your horizons and give you the chance to know other cultures. The desire for this kind of freedom and life experience demands long term travel.

Many people have an occasional urge to explore the world. But for others of us, this urge never abates. It is a calling and goes deep into our soul. Does that describe you? In other words, do you dream about traveling forever?

I Wanted to Be a Long-Term Traveler, But …

Worker dreaming of traveling forever

I was one of those dreamers. For many years, I fantasized about traveling forever – or at least for an extended time, but I thought I could never make it happen. I was one of those ‘yes, but’ people. Yes, my dream was to see the world, but …

I had a job.

I had too many bills to pay.

What about my dogs?

But, but, but. 

I resigned myself to be an armchair traveler for the rest of my life.

Even while I was conscious of so many reasons why I could never fulfill my dream to travel long term, I was unconsciously directing myself toward a life of worldwide exploration. I didn’t realize it while it was happening, but in looking back, I’m now able to see all the decisions, both big and small, I made that led to a traveling lifestyle.

And now, I’ve made my home overseas in a little piece of paradise that I created by not listening to the nay-saying part of my brain.

I Made It Happen – So Can You

My Traveling Forever Indonesian Home

My home in Indonesia

If you are thinking about traveling forever, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done with your life up to this point. As they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can start now to determine whether you want to become a traveler, rather than an intermittent tourist.

If this is you, then reading this post and evaluating the topics that I will discuss in future posts might help you decide whether long term travel can be part of your future. And if you decide that traveling forever is your destiny, following the suggestions in upcoming posts will help you figure out just how to do it.

Are you ready to start traveling forever?

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