Scuba Diving in Indonesia


If you live in the United States and you’re a scuba diver, the closest places for you to enjoy the underwater world are in the Caribbean. I’ve been diving in the Caribbean and loved it.

Yes, diving in the Caribbean is wonderful, but if you want a more exotic dive vacation, why not consider Indonesia. There are many world class dive locations in various parts of Indonesia, a country that consists of more than 17,000 islands in tropical climate.

Tropical waters give you the opportunity to many types of wonderful sea creatures – manta rays, barracuda, clownfish, sweet tips fish, triggerfish, and some of the non-dangerous sharks. In addition, you can see squid, turtles, water snakes, moray eels. You won’t want to get close to those last two, but they’ll get away from you as soon as they can.


Don’t Forget Coral

Besides all those sea creatures, you can see all types of colorful coral. Did you know that coral is alive? You’ve probably seen coral in stores at the beach, and it certainly didn’t look alive. It was very hard and made of calcium carbonate. When left in the water, these ‘rocks’ gradually become a coral reef. And these reefs make a great place for tropical fish to play and hide from predators.

Corals are usually found in relatively shallow water because the symbiotic parasite that lives in the coral’s soft tissue uses photosynthesis to make the food that corals live on. If you remember biology class, the process of photosynthesis needs sunlight to take place.

Divers need to stay away from corals –

  • Some of them have stinging tentacles to catch microscopic pieces of food floating around in the water. And those tentacles can hurt.
  • Touching them can harm or even kill them.

PADI Certification

Not only does Indonesia have top quality diving in many parts of the country, but many Indonesian dive centers offer training to become PADI certified.

What if your spouse isn’t interested in diving or getting certified to dive? When you go out on dive boats, your spouse can either enjoy the boat ride and being on the water or go snorkeling above the divers.

What a Vacation!

Getting out or into the water is a perfect way to escape the stresses of modern life. And while you are enjoying viewing the various sea creatures living under the surface of the water, they might also be having a good time looking at the crazy beings that have strange tubes in their mouths.

Remember, there’s a gorgeous world under the surface of the ocean water. Most people will never experience that world, but if you venture under and see the wonders that exist there, you’ll surely turn every vacation into a dive trip.

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